X - Workstation

Focus on patient

The X-Workstation generates a safe and patient-oriented human-machine interaction in the OR for the benefit of patient safety. Thanks to the simple control of the entire operating room, the workflow in the OR is improved. 

Modular Structure

Various medical devices are used in modern operating theaters: X-ray, navigation, OR table, OR lights, HF device, OR microscopes, MIC device, etc. The number and complexity of computer-controlled devices in the medical technology field is increasing. The ongoing challenge of medical technology is the lag of communication between the different devices.This fact causes suboptimal processes and workflows.


The surgeon can compile the functions that are important for him individually 
and across all devices and save this compilation as a function group view.

Schaubild PriMed
Devices in the OR
Single device 
interface in the 
Drap & Drop of the single device modules into the funcional group
Functional group 
interface in the 

User Interface

The user interface has a modular structure. The central navigation in the main menu allows the differentiation between devices for anaesthesia, surgery, room control and all clinic and patient data. All devices can be viewed and operated as individual devices or as individual function groups. 


The innovation lies in a uniform, user-friendly and process-supporting operability using learned operating patterns of smartphones and tablets.

  • Uniform screen design for all devices
  • Clear structure
  • Modular interface
  • Modern flat design
  • Scalable structure (responsive) for large and small displays
  • Unique Icons
  • Easy to learn

Workflow Optimization

The surgeon and his team must be able to use a wide variety of devices in combination and operate them safely and quickly – without a long learning curve. The user interface enables simple and intuitive operation and adapts to all display sizes. In addition to the device view, all patient-relevant data can be called up at any time in the operating field or transferred to the wall monitors.







It is possible to switch quickly between single device views and individual funcitional group views.


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Patient Positioning

The X-Workstation offers direct access to all relevant devices and functionalities as well as integration and workflow support.

  • direct access via central control
  • improvement of cooperation through OP workflow optimization
  • safe operability
  • effective and efficient control in the OR
  • sterile operation by the surgeon

Surgical Tablet

Flexible Operation

The X-Workstation can be operated on a wall monitor, on a sterile touch display or on a tablet with a sterile coating. This creates central workstations that enable the surgeon and his team to control all devices. This simplify and accelerate the workflow. Bundled information on the patient‘s state of health is always available in real time.