Film | Motion for your Vision

We bring life to visions and products before they become reality.

First of all, a new product needs to satisfy the client before convincing the customer. Computer animations give new design approaches a graphic quality and make the contents understandable for all those involved.

BEGER DESIGN uses the latest computer technology to turn concepts into moving pictures. The animations are suitable for company and product presentations, for TV trailers and for integration in live action sequences.

Please feel free and order our amazing demoreel on DVD.


Image film

Image films turn the values of a company inside-out and work almost like a “visual business card”. The conception and production therefore need professional handling.


Product film

Intelligent product films – presenting or explaining complex, non-intuitive products or services on a highly aesthetic level – are one of our fortes.



Complex, non-intuitive products and services may represent an obstacle for customers and consumers. This must be overcome… for example through a video!