What’s an image film?

What’s an image film?

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Films, whether 3D or real, make new design approaches clear and comprehensible for all parties involved. We used state-of-the-art computer technology to convert concepts into moving images.

But which genre is right for your purpose?

We have looked at the 3 main film types and summarized in how they differ.
In this article we explain the:

Image film

Image films return the inner values ​​of a company to the outside and act as a visual business card. A correspondingly high level of sensitivity demands the development of ideas, conception and realization.

The primary goal is to introduce the company and present it in a positive light. The viewer should develop an emotional bond and build trust. A successful image film therefore ensures an increase in information and at the same time promotes the positive external perception – the “image” of your company.

This is usually set to “real” people and real images. In order to suggest the greatest possible transparency, many companies take a look behind the scenes in their image films.

The image film is versatile. Embed it on your company website or in the company presentation, use it “offline” at the next trade fair or at recruiting and onboarding to convey your corporate identity to applicants and new employees. Or you can offer your image film as a freely available PR material.

Eg.: Dentsply Sirona – Teneo

In our next blog contribution, we explain the product film.